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Welcome to UT Copy Services!

UT Copy Services maintains both self-serve and card access copiers throughout the Health Science Center that are convenient and accessible to multiple users. Pay stations are available at all four school's LRCs to use to buy a copy/print card and add value to the cards.

UT Copy Services strives to give our customers the best service possible and provides the following:

  • Orders, installs and maintains convenient walk-up copiers and card access copiers
  • Places and monitors all service calls
  • Buys and stocks all copier supplies
  • Assigns copy/print codes
  • Provides detailed billing reports

Latest News

Please see our Video Help page for updated help videos for the 5300, 5900, 6605, and 7800 series Xerox copiers.



For Desktop Copier supplies call 713-500-8410.

Copier Access

To request copier access, complete the following Copy Code Add/Delete Form on-line and submit it through the Internet.
To add your badge to the Copitrak Copy Management System please complete the Copitrak Request Form and email it back to

Price List

Black and White Copies - $0.08 per page

Color Copies - $0.20 per page 

Color Desktop Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax (Xerox 6515)

$80.00 Monthly rental with unlimited copies
$34.75 Box of 20# white bond paper (5,000 sheets per box)
$25.99 Waste Cartridge (30,000 pages)

$165.00 BLACK High Capacity Print Cartridge (2,400-5,000 pages)
$165.00 CYAN High Capacity Print Cartridge (2,400-5,000 pages)
$165.00 MAGENTA
 High Capacity Print Cartridge (2,400-5,000 pages)
$165.00 YELLOW High Capacity Print Cartridge (2,400-5,000 pages)

$110.00 BLACK Drum Cartridge (48,000 pages)
$110.00 CYAN Drum Cartridge (48,000 pages)
$110.00 MAGENTA
 Drum Cartridge (48,000 pages)
$110.00 YELLOW Drum Cartridge (48,000 pages)

For other desktop options email Mike Williams 

Auxiliary Enterprises is a division within University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston comprised of all its business entities. This family of fifteen-plus divisions plays a vital role providing a wide variety of essential services and support to UTHealth students, faculty and staff and often the Texas Medical Center community. These departments offer extremely competitive pricing and value added services.


To be the model Auxiliary Enterprises within American higher education universities.


To be the number one resource of choice for all of our customers in support of our university's mission.

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