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Student Health Survey


Please complete the Patient Satisfaction Survey below and add your name to the Comments section at the end of the survey to be eligible to win a month of free parking. Drawings will be done quarterly.

Free parking will be for the parking garage at UTPB Only. Results of this survey are kept confidential; providing your name is optional.

Patient Satisfaction Survey for Students

This survey is designed to assess the satisfaction and experience of patients that visited the UT Medical School Student Employee Clinic. Please answer all questions. If you wish to comment on any questions please use the comments section at the end of this survey.

Patient Visit Experiences

During your appointment at our clinic, how satisfied were you with the following:

1. Receptionist/Office Personnel's:

a. Greeting/acknowledgement upon arrival

b. Courtesy

c. Willingness to answer questions

2. Staff Nurse's:

b. Courtesy

b. Willingness to answer questions

c. Quality of care provided to you

3. Physician/Nurse Practitioner's:

a. Courtesy

b. Willingness to answer questions

c. Time spent with you to address your concerns

d. Quality of care provided to you

4. Overall Clinic:

a. Courtesy

b. Quality of care you received

5. The amount of time you waited:

a. In the patient waiting area

b. In the exam room

Other Clinic Services

How satisfied are you with our:

1. Appointment scheduling:

a. Convenience for your schedule

b. Ability to schedule your urgent medical needs

c. Clinic hours of operation

2. Other Clinic Services:

a. Before/after hours on call service

b. On-site Clinical Services(Immunizations, EKG)

c. On-site Laboratory Services

d. On-site Pharmacy

3. Classification

Are you a:

Overall Rating

Would you recommend UTHealth Student Health Services to other UTHealth students?

I am confident that my personal health information will be treated with confidentiality.