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Orientation for Clinical Research Staff

This educational program is designed to be a general overview of clinical trial research at UTHealth. This program will cover basics of CPHS (UTHealth IRB) review and approval process, Memorial Hermann Hospital review and approval process and clinical trial management. The presentations have been recorded and are available to you to watch at your own time. 

Clinical Research Orientation

Instructions: The above link will take you to a REDCap Clinical Research Orientation page - enter your name and email address and click Submit. The first presentation will appear followed by a quiz. You will have to answer all the quiz questions to move to the next presentation. After each quiz, you have the option to write your questions for the speaker. We will send the questions to the speaker and they will write to you directly with the answers or schedule a call/meeting with you.   

Topics Covered: 

  1. IRB Review Process at UTHealth - Cynthia Edmonds, MLA, IRB Director 
  2. Regulatory Services at UTHealth - FDA INDs, IDEs and ClinicalTrials.Gov - Elizabeth Gendel, PhD, Sr. Research Compliance Specialist
  3. MHH Hospital Review Process - Roderick Price, MS, Clinical Research Specialist, CIRI, Memorial Hermann Health System
  4. Clinical Research Initiation - Shwetha Pazhoor, MS, Research Compliance Specialist
  5. Clinical Trial Management  - Carolyn McKinney, RN, Clinical Education, Neurosurgery
  6. Basic iRIS Training - Initial Submission - Barbara Legate, Senior Business Systems Analyst

If you have any questions or if you'd like more information on any topic, please write to us