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Student Programs at UTHealth

UTHealth Houston is proud to have a number of student organizations and programs of study dedicated to global health. These include:

Students Improving Global Health in Texas (SIGHT)
SIGHT aims to further awareness of global health issues among medical students and advocate long-term, sustainable relationships with medically underserved populations both locally and internationally, by encouraging students to engage in global health efforts through clinical medicine, public health, and research.

Student Society for Global Health
The Student Society for Global Health was founded in the Spring of 2010 by students at UTHealth Houston School of Public Health dedicated to promoting the understanding that an individual's health is tied to the health of his or her community.

Global Health Scholarly Concentration at UTHealth Houston McGovern Medical School
The Global Health Scholarly Concentration increases the medical students’ awareness of global health issues by attending “Issues in Global Health” Lecture Series and participating in the Journal Club. It also provides students with the opportunity to experience supervised clinical service in underserved areas.

Center for Global Health at McGovern at UTHealth Houston McGovern Medical School
UTHealth Houston's McGovern Medical School students may find more information about funding, resources, opportunities, and complete the Student Travel Portal for travel.

Global Health Degree-Seeking Certificate at UTHealth Houston School of Public Health
The Global Health Degree-Seeking Certificate is intended for any public health student interested in exploring how globalization affects health determinants, the health status of populations, and the capacity of nation-states to deal with health and disease. Students who elect the Global Health Certificate will prepare for opportunities that involve public health decision-making and research in the changing world. The Global Health Certificate consists of 12 credits of coursework and a practicum or integrative learning experience focused in an area that is relevant to global health.