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Grants 102 is an in-depth six month workshop and follow up of Grants 101 for junior faculty members (instructor level minimum) during which participants develop a grant application that is peer reviewed and ready to submit to an external agency upon completion of the program. Prior to the start of the program, junior faculty select a senior faculty member with expertise in their area of interest as a mentor.  In the past, this has most often been a senior faculty member other than the participant’s chair or direct supervisor.

Monthly seminars are presented by senior UTHealth faculty members on various components of grant applications (e.g., hypothesis generation and specific aims, abstract, experimental plan, etc.).  Participants then work with their mentors to write the corresponding section of a grant proposal and give a brief overview at the next monthly session.

This program has been highly successful in the past based upon the success rate of applications prepared by participants.  However, it is very labor intensive and participants and their supervisors should anticipate and support a significant time commitment.

Completion of Grants 101 is a requirement for faculty members who wish to participate in Grants 102.