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UTHealth Houston earns five 2024 Top Workplaces National Culture Excellence Awards

Five UTHealth Houston employees standing behind a table with a laptop on it. (Photo by UTHealth Houston)
UTHealth Houston has been honored with five prestigious 2024 Top Workplaces National Culture Excellence Awards. (Photo by UTHealth Houston)

UTHealth Houston has been honored with five prestigious 2024 Top Workplaces National Culture Excellence Awards, marking a significant achievement in workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

The awards, presented by Energage, recognize organizations across the United States that excel in fostering positive workplace environments.

“We are grateful for our faculty and staff who create a people-first culture driven by purpose,” said Giuseppe N. Colasurdo, MD, UTHealth Houston president and Alkek-Williams Distinguished Chair. “These five awards speak to their dedication to preparing the next generation of health professionals, serving the community, and improving health for all.”

Energage employs an unbiased methodology to evaluate workplaces for the Top Workplaces National Culture Excellence Awards. Workplaces are categorized by employee count, and scores are determined exclusively from employee responses to the Workplace Survey statements.

UTHealth Houston posted a 47.8% response rate in the November 2023 survey, exceeding the required 35% response threshold to qualify for consideration. The institution emerged as a standout in the 2,500+ employee size band, securing all five Culture Excellence Awards for the first time. Out of the 1,100 winners, only 699 companies won all five Culture Excellence awards.

“These awards represent the dedication and commitment to excellence that define UTHealth Houston as a place where each individual’s efforts contribute to our collective success,” said Karen Spillar, JD, vice president of Human Resources and chief human resources officer. “We are proud to be among the top 100 workplaces, and this achievement inspires us to continue fostering an environment where innovation, collaboration, and a passion for our mission thrive.”

The five esteemed awards received by UTHealth Houston include:

  • Innovation (100 winners): Recognizing organizations that promote a culture of innovation, encouraging new ideas, and fostering employee development to enhance performance.
  • Work-life Flexibility (100 winners): Commending organizations that support work-life balance, enabling employees to excel professionally while attending to personal obligations.
  • Leadership (100 winners): Acknowledging organizations with visionary leadership that instills confidence and values employee input in decision-making.
  • Purpose and Values (100 winners): Honoring organizations that effectively communicate their mission and integrate it into their workplace culture.
  • Compensation and Benefits (68 winners): Celebrating organizations that provide equitable compensation and benefit packages compared to industry standards.

“To receive this accolade in this fiercely competitive job market helps set UTHealth Houston apart from other workplaces,” said Patricia Hinojosa, executive director of payroll and benefits at UTHealth Houston. “Our benefits package is top-notch, and this honor helps demonstrate that we care for our most valuable resource — our people — and those who depend on them.”

Employee Assistance and Well-being Programs provide mental health and well-being support, workshops, and podcasts on topics of interest that help employees navigate through their life events. Additionally, there are financial management resources available to employees, such as Your Money Line, a spending and debt management program provided free of charge to all UTHealth Houston employees and their family members.

The university recognizes the importance of not just offering these services but also making them relevant and available to the workforce community. Furthermore, the Office of Payroll and Benefits hosts a monthly webinar to help employees navigate the process of preparing for retirement.

"UTHealth Houston is committed to fostering an environment where both professional excellence and personal well-being can thrive in harmony,” said Monica Guidry, LCSW, ACSW, associate vice president of UTHealth Houston Employee Assistance and Well-being Programs. "Our work and personal well-being are intertwined. This recognition highlights our dedication to empowering our community, embracing innovation, and providing resources to help employees adapt to the ebb and flow of work and family needs.”

UTHealth Houston’s recognition comes on the heels of being named one of the 2024 USA TODAY National Top Workplaces, ranking as the No. 1 university in the country among extra-large institutions.

The USA TODAY list included 1,530 total National Top Workplaces. Overall, the university was ranked No. 92 nationally for employers in the category of more than 2,500 employees.

“Being recognized for all five National Culture Excellence awards demonstrates UTHealth Houston’s commitment to the well-being, growth, and fulfillment of our employees,” said Syrine Joubert, manager of employee onboarding and engagement. “It provides yet another avenue to honor and celebrate the extraordinary contributions of our faculty, staff, and researchers, highlighting their integral role in our thriving culture. By prioritizing our people, we attract top-tier talent and nurture an environment where everyone is empowered, valued, and inspired to reach their full potential.”

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