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Set Up Your Notebook

Each laboratory Principal Investigator (or lab manager designee) should set up the laboratory’s Lab Archives notebook structure and invite lab members to join. Typically the PI/manager has access to all notebooks and lab members have access to their own notebook as well as common lab pages.  PIs may elect to have their lab member’s notebooks signed and witnessed for research oversight or intellectual property purposes as well. There are several options for setting up a lab notebook, including:

by project (or grant): Create a notebook for each project (grant), add lab members working on that project (grant)
by researcher: Useful for smaller labs where lab members are each working on individual projects
by lab: Create one notebook for an entire lab; designate folders and subfolders for specific projects

The flowchart below illustrates these options, and these PDF files will walk you through the steps:


Setting up your lab notebooks (PDF)

Tips for getting started (PDF)