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McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics

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Message from the Dean

With the ever-increasing rise in the volume of health data and the innovation and evolution of technology comes a growth in possibilities—for more effective treatments, timely and efficient care, safer procedures, and countless other improvements. As the only free-standing school of its kind in the nation, McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics is dedicated to turning these possibilities into realities.

Today, our research is mining the mysteries of health care data; it’s developing the algorithms that bring artificial intelligence to life; it’s uncovering the genetic basis of cancer and chronic diseases; it’s supporting patients with digital tools in their communities. Tomorrow, our work will become tools to support disease prevention, improve early detection, and develop treatments that lead to longer, healthier lives for all.

Philanthropy advances vital work in this rapidly changing field—from supporting the next generation of trainees to expanding the frontiers of patient safety, health care quality, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, data security, drug discovery, and precision medicine.

Jiajie Zhang, PhD

  • Dean and Professor
  • The Glassell Family Foundation Distinguished Chair in Informatics Excellence

Giving opportunities

Our fundraising priorities focus on the students and researchers who will transform lives through data.

Creating scholarships for future bioinformatics experts

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from computer science to cognitive science to health care professions such as medicine, nursing, and public health. This transdisciplinary nature positions our faculty and students to make groundbreaking advancements and discoveries. We offer a wide range of graduate certificate programs, dual degree programs, master’s programs, doctoral programs, and a first-of-its-kind Doctorate in Health Informatics for executive-level professionals.

Your gift to scholarships will provide the means to attract the brightest students, many of whom may not be able to nurture their talent without the benefit of financial assistance. Your generosity is essential for supporting the next generation who will apply data science and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the future of health care for our friends and families.

SBMI student
SBMI Research

Applying informatics to transform health

From molecules to populations, data comes in all sizes. The secrets within could unlock unprecedented health care advances, helping to develop better treatments, safer practices, and faster response times. Our faculty experts employ data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to develop technologies that instantaneously detect, analyze, and direct treatment, leading to reductions in patient morbidity and mortality. The applications are extensive with an ability to improve outcomes from major and common medical events, including cancer, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease.

By making a gift to support research, you can help drive the discoveries that will revolutionize the way we think about—and deliver—health care.


Delivering vital community services

To help address the opioid crisis, the Houston Emergency Opioid Engagement System (HEROES) program provides free, personalized services for people who have overdosed to help them fully recover. Combining the strengths of two UTHealth Houston schools—McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics and McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston—the program brings together physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, drug counselors, peer recovery coaches, and first responders to help people experience sustained recoveries.

By making a gift to the HEROES program, you can help provide prescriptions, transportation, housing, and other resources to enable people recovering from opioid use disorder to establish fulfilling, drug-free lives.

Impact stories of philanthropy

The impact of philanthropy is seen in the lives of those who receive care from our health providers, the discoveries our researchers make, and the numerous communities our initiatives reach.

McWilliams School of Biomedical Informatics

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Contact the Office of Development with questions or to explore how you can make a meaningful impact to improve health in our communities.

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