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Annual Laboratory and Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher Training


This course can be taken on Safety Assistant LMS

This training will provide a brief refresher on the critical elements of laboratory safety and also fulfill the “Annual Bloodborne Pathogens Training” requirement. Principal investigators and laboratory personnel, either working in or overseeing a laboratory, are required to complete this convenient on-line training. Principal Investigators are also responsible for ensuring that all laboratory personnel have completed the training, as required by the UTHealth Houston Chemical Safety Committee. Furthermore, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) will also verify completion during the lab’s annual laboratory safety survey.


Training certificates are automatically issued upon successful completion of the course.  For copies of training certificates, contact EHS by calling 713-500-8100. Safety training documentation is often required by the UTHealth Houston safety committee, a regulatory agency, or a future employer. Training certificates can be maintained electronically for easy access or printed and maintained in the lab.