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SHERM Service

SHERM provides services to the professional community both locally and nationally through the provision of invited lectures and continuing education activities.

Continuing education courses are coordinated through:

Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (SWCOEH): supports research, education and outreach in occupational and environmental health.

The UT School of Public Health's PREVENTION, PREPAREDNESS, AND RESPONSE (P2R) ACADEMY: to improve the health of communities by providing training in population-level prevention, preparedness, and response to anticipated hazards and disasters.

SHERM also provides collegial institutional safety program peer review services. Examples of institutions where peer review services have been provided to various safety program aspects include:

Peer Review

Texas A&M University – Dec 2022
The University of Texas at Dallas – July 2022
Rush University – May 2022
Arizona State University – March 2022

Northern Arizona University October 2021

Emory University (conducted virtually) September 2020
University of Arizona (conducted virtually) December 2020

University of Miami February 2019
Clemson University (ten year re-visit) February 2019
The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio May 2019
Houston Baptist University November 2019

The University of Texas at El Paso July 2018
University of Tennessee August 2018
The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston August 2018
Emory University EH&S Program Resourcing Review June 2018
Northeastern University June 2018

University of Utah October 2017

University of Houston July 2016
Cleveland State University May 2016
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology April 2016

Temple University August 2015
University of Connecticut March 2015

Rice University Emergency Response Plan, November 2014
University of North Texas Health Science Center Biosafety Committee August 2014
University of Southern California, August 2014
University of Dayton, August 2013
University of Iowa, May 2013
University of Norte Dame, April 2012
Kent State University, August 2011
Clemson University, August 2011
Georgetown University, May 2011
University of Washington, May 2011
University of Central Florida, March 2011
Tulane University Safety and Emergency Management, February 2010
University of California San Diego, September 2009

University of Minnesota, December 2008
National University of Singapore, May 2007
Boston University, June 2005
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, March 2005
Texas State University, April 2004
Cornell University, March 2004
University of Texas Southwester Medical Center at Dallas, January 2004
University of Wisconsin Madison, January 2004
Wake Forest University, October 2003
Indiana University, June 2003
Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, December 2002
University of Texas – Pan American, August 2001
Boise State University, November 2001
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, October 2001
University of Texas at Tyler, February 1999

Other Outreach/Education Services

Ongoing Professional Development Courses

American Biological Safety Association-International
Health Physics Society
American Society for Safety Professionals
Campus Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association
And others...

Mass Media Links

SHERM also provides community outreach via the mass media on health and safety related topics.

Ebola Preparedness Interviews

Training Hospital Staff for Ebola - Dr. Robert Emery talks with KTRK News on training health care staff and proper techniques for donning and doffing personal protective equipment.  See the interview KTRK interview here.

Interview on buying a home once used to manufacture Methamphetamines - Dr. Bruce Brown talks to Fox News about the toxic hazards left behind from a home that was once used to manufacture methamphetamines.

Interview on Fracking - Dr. Robert Emery discusses with KUHF 88.7 FM news about the hazards of workers involved in the Fracking process of refining oil. 

Interview on Survival Strategy
- Dr. Robert Emery discusses with KPRC News an all hazards approach to survival strategy to man made or natural disasters.

Interview on Hypothetical Dirty Bomb at Reliant Stadium - Dr. Robert Emery interviews with Len Cannon of KHOU News on the best approaches when dealing with a dirty bomb.  

Shuttle Disaster - Dr. Robert Emery interviews with KPRC News about dealing with the debris from the shuttle disaster of 2004. 

Safety around Cleaning Products - Dr. Robert Emery interviews with KPRC News on the hazards of cleaning products and keeping them away from children.  

Radioactive Tablets - Dr. Robert Emery interviews with KHOU News about the effectiveness of radioactive tablets when dealing with radioactive disasters.  

Homeland Defense - Dr. Robert Emery interviews with KTRK News about the supplies needed for surviving a man made disaster.  

Home Hazards - Dr. Robert Emery interviews with KTRK News about some of the common hazards in the home.  

Food Contamination - Dr. Robert Emery interviews with KHOU News to help identify a mysterious object found in a bag salad.