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SHERM Academics

Join Dr. Robert Emery, "Safety Bob", as he talks about UTHealth Safety, Health, Environment, and Risk Management service roll to the University, peer reviews, client satisfaction surveys, and how it all ties together with our research and peer review publications.

SHERM maintains a strategic link with the UT School of Public Health’s Division of Epidemiology, Human Genetics & Environmental Sciences (-link). Several SHERM staff members serve as adjunct instructors and participate in the following academic instruction activities:

PH 2132 Biosafety and Infection Prevention (fall)
PH 2241 Fundamentals of Occupational Safety (fall)
PH 2498 Workplace Safety Seminar Series (fall)
PH 6998 Public Health Risk Communications (fall)
PH 6998 Physical Agents (spring)
PH 6998 Health and Safety Program Management (spring)

Ozone Interview with Bob Emery 7/20/2010
HIV Interview with Bob Emery 7/20/2010

total worker health article

In the May 2023 issue of Professional Safety, the monthly journal by the American Society of Safety Professionals', Robert Emery, Dr.P.H., CSP, Scott Patlovich, Dr.P.H., CSP, and George Delclos, Ph.D., M.D. were featured for UTHealth Houston's Holistic approach to Total Worker Health.  Featured in the journal as a Best Practice article the authors chronicle the approach, the systems, and philosophy behind the approach to keep everyone safe and healthy as they go about their day at the University.  For more information, please select the link.

For Those Who Know Don't Tell: Ongoing Battle for Workers' Health

SHERM staff also provide regular guest lectures in other academic courses, and the unit serves as a host for student practica, internship and graduate research projects

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