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Student Debt Information

What can you expect to repay once you leave school?

The following loan repayment table may be helpful for anticipating your loan repayments following graduation or separation from UTHealth or UT M.D. Anderson. Review the Loans at a Glance FAQ Sheet to see details regarding deferment eligibility for your loan.

Average Student Debt on Separation

SchoolAward Year 2017Award Year 2018Award Year 2019
School of Biomedical Informatics $37,746 $30,998 $40,135
Graduate School of Biomedical Science $38,402 $38,463 $32,833
School of Dentistry (DDS) $158,561 $157,620 $161,743
Dentistry - Dental Hygiene $29,889 $30,677 $27,745
Dentistry – Dental Postgraduate $52,533 $64,871 $82,473
Medical School (MD) $130,099 $133,826 $125,114
School of Nursing - Graduate $48,364 $40,108 $47,572
School of Nursing - Undergraduate $20,972 $21,648 $19,542
School of Public Health $36,920 $39,624 $40,809
UT M.D. Anderson School of Health Professions
SchoolAward Year 2017Award Year 2018Award Year 2019
MD Anderson - Undergraduate                $10,733 $20,313 $18,656
MD Anderson - Graduate Undisclosed* Undisclosed* Undisclosed*

*Explanation of "Undisclosed":  Fewer than 10 students completed this program in the specified award year.  The average debt figures have been withheld to preserve the confidentiality of the students.

For more information on UTHealth student debt, please refer to the UTHealth Fact Book:

Calculate Your Debt: Repayment Estimator

Use the following debt calculator (courtesy of

Cohort Default Rates

FY 2019 National Cohort Default Rate Average:  2.3 %

FY 2019 Cohort Default Rate by School:

OPEID School Default Rate Percentage
004951 UTHealth 0.0%
025554 UTMDACC 0.0%

For more information on default rates please visit:  The school’s six-digit OPE ID is listed on the table above.