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Exit Interview

According to federal regulations and the terms of your promissory note, you are required to complete a Student Financial Aid Exit Interview with the Office of Student Financial Services if you are a Student Financial Aid recipient and your attendance status changes for any of the following reasons: dismissal, leave of absence, failure to re-enroll, less-than-half-time attendance, withdrawal or graduation.

Exit Interview documents, Repayment Schedules, and Final-Truth-In-Lending Statements containing your original signature should be returned to the Office of Student Financial Services at PO Box 20036, Houston TX 77025 or in person at 7000 Fannin, UCT 2220.

Note: Please be further advised, an academic hold (which will prevent the release of your transcript or diploma) will be placed on your record ten (10) days prior to your graduation for either or all of the reasons listed below:

  • Unpaid Emergency Loans
  • Incomplete Financial Aid Exit Interview
  • Incomplete Financial Aid paperwork or monetary issues 

Payments to your emergency loan can be made from your checking account online or by phone at (844) 870-8701. Please be sure to have your bank’s routing numbers and bank account number available before calling or signing on to make your payment. 

If you are required to complete the Financial Aid Exit Interview, the exit instructions will be sent to you via your UTHealth email address. The Financial Aid Exit Interview instructions vary by loan type; therefore, the instructions sent to you are specific to the loan(s) you received.

To prevent confusion or completion of the wrong exit interview, PLEASE DO NOT SHARE your exit instructions with classmates. Anyone with questions regarding completion of the exit interview should contact the Office of Student Financial Services at or (713) 500-3300.